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Aarambam at box office


Aarambam at box office

Ajith starer Aarambam got released on October 31 st two days prior to Diwali and is running successfully. With almost positive reviews, the movie Aarambam is the second highest grosser in US after Vishwaroopam. The film has been booked for a week after its release and it is buzzed to have collected more than 50 crores so far.

US is the top grosser with 2.5 crore from the weekend alone and UK is the second with 1.4 crore.

Aarambam has collected 7.2 crores from Chennai alone in 7 days

From other Parts of Tamilnadu it has collected 30 crores in 7 days

From Around the world it has collected 20 crore totally for the 7 days

Aarambam has completed a week with nearly 100 percent occupancy and leads the films among the Diwali releases in collection. It is expected to cross 100 crore mark in another week.

The film Aarambam stars Ajith, Arya, Nayantara, Tapsee in lead roles with Rana in a notable role for 15 minutes. The film has been certified with clean U and it was released to great anticipation. Now the film is running as a commercial success and expected to be the highest or second highest grosser of 2013.

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